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Rio de Janeiro has wonderful tourist attractions for all tastes. We are showing below some famous options and we are available to book different types of tours for you at any time.

Shopping, restaurants and more...

Barra da Tijuca is a neighborhood in the city of Rio de Janeiro full of activities to entertain all kinds of interest.

For those who enjoy shopping and browsing, Village Mall (http://www.shoppingvillagemall.com.br) is the place with famous brands , excellent dining options, such as the renowned Pobre Juan (http://pobrejuan.com.br) with delicious steaks and many other dining options of excellent quality. In the area of entertainment, there are several movie theaters and a theater.

Another option for those who appreciate browsing is BARRA Shopping, a huge complex of stores, restaurants, movie theaters, hot zone. A place with a lot of things to do!

This neighborhood counts with a huge options of restaurants and bars. You may check one of Brazilian’s famous churrascarias as Fogo de Chão and Rio Brasa with its magnificent barbecue.

Being so close to the beach, it is impossible not to surrender to have fun there… what about to have a blast enjoying the stand up paddle in a magnificent beach? We have a tour to enjoy this delight, don’t loose this opportunity.

Several attractions are performed at Cidade das Artes such as theater, musicals, etc. Please, check the schedule for the desired date. (http://cidadedasartes.rio.rj.gov.br)

Barra da Tijuca Olympic Park
When visiting a Olympic City you can not miss a walk through the Olympic Park. Tour subject to a minimum number of participants.

Downtown area is plenty of new places to visit. There are so many things to do around this area. We will talk about some of them, but if you are interested and take some time to explore more this place, send us an email and we will arrange a private tour to you.

Museu do Amanhã is a museum in a renewed area. its magnificent architecture is a perfect place to take beautiful pictures and visit the exhibits that may be permanent or temporary. Tickets must be purchase online. Closes on Mondays. Check the hours of operation before planning the visit to the museum. Website https://museudoamanha.org.br.

Mar. Museu de Arte do Rio, with its art program, is worth the visit. To make the most of it, check the hours of operation and exhibits that may be permanent or temporary. http://www.museudeartedorio.org.br/

AquaRio is the largest marine aquarium in South America with about 8 thousand animals of 350 different species on display. Lots of unprecedented attractions, grandiose enclosures and tanks, and all the necessary infrastructure to provide educational entertainment to the public.

One of the biggest attractions is the main tank, the Ocean and Dive enclosure. With a tunnel going through its interior, the combination of the impressive water mass with the large amount of fish provides an incredible experience. In addition there are three touch tanks where the public, especially children, can interact with some of the exposed animals.

Before scheduling the visit, check the operation hours and buy the ticket online at www.aquariomarinhodorio.com.br, because the visit is by appointment.

Olympic Boulevard
Enjoy this tour to walk along the Olympic Boulevard, a 3.5-kilometer boardwalk that takes you to some cultural innovations such as:AquaRio, Etnias mural, Museu do Amanhã and MAR as well as the traditional CCBB, the São Bento Monastery and the Fiscal Island. To make the tour more delightful, the best way to get to these attractions is using the VLT, a modern cable car, which brought comfort and safety in the displacement of the center of Rio.

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