Registration Form

All ICOMS 2019 participants must register by completing the form on this page.

Registration Fees


Early Bird Registration
(by May 31 2018)
Pre Registration
(Jun 01 - Nov 30 2018)
Regular Registration
(Dec 01 - Apr 20 2019)
Onsite Registration
(Apr 21 - May 24 2019)

IAOMS Members

$ 960
$ 1020
$ 1120
$ 1220

Non IAOMS Members

$ 1290
$ 1390
$ 1490
$ 1590

IAOMS Member Developing Countries (1)

$ 590
$ 660
$ 730
$ 790

Trainees / Residents (2)

$ 490
$ 560
$ 620
$ 680

Allied Health Professionals (3)

$ 490
$ 560
$ 620
$ 680

Accompany Persons

$ 370
$ 370
$ 370
$ 370

Groups from 5 to 10 (individual value)

10% of discount
10% of discount
10% of discount

(1) Click here to see the list of developing countries used by IOAMS

Rules of Registration

We call the attention of the participants to read and follow the rules that guide the registrations at the ICOMS 2019.


Credit Card
Fill out the registration form online, select the option to pay by credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) and complete all requested information before finalizing and sending the registration form. For your security all information of your card will be provided in the security environment of the own card system. These data are not stored in our system.
If the transaction is not authorized or is not completed for any other reason please contact your credit card provider to verify the reason.
Payments not completed can be restarted through its restricted area (Online Secretariat) on the site of the event. In this case, the registration fee can be readjusted to the value of the current table on the day of conclusion of the payment.
Payments will be made on behalf of GAP Congressos (virtual store). This is the ID that will appear on your screen and payment on your credit card statement.


Groups of the same category submitting registration together and making an unique payment in the total amount.
For this you need to mark the category on the registration form, inform the amount of attendees and fill the registration forms of the other attendees individually and at once.
If you do not have the personal information of all attendees, close it and return to fill them when you have these data.


The schedule of the Congress is subject to changes, both in relation to issues and regarding speakers.


Residents, undergraduate and postgraduate should send statement issued and signed by the institution to which they are linked with the end date of residence or course to the Executive Secretariat of the Event.

Fax: +55 (21) 2215.4476

The participant who does not send the statement corresponding to his/her category until the day of the event must pay the difference to the value of inclusion in the category of Non IAOMS Members when he/she reaches the venue (U$ 1590.00).


Pre-registrations can be made until May 19th, 2019.


There is a forecast of supply of material from the Congress to all participants but it is only guaranteed to those who do the registration by March 10th, 2019.


The cancellation and refund of enrollment (all categories) may only be made if requested by March 10th, 2019 through e-mail along with the registre's bank account data. The reimbursement of registration will be made after the event being discounted 40% (forty percent) of the paid amount as administrative fee. Cancellation requests will not be accepted if made after March 10th, 2019.


The transfer of registration may be requested until March 10th, 2019 in writing via e-mail If there is change of category the difference must be paid through bank deposit (if the value is greater) and proof faxed or e-mailed to the Executive Secretariat of the Event, or requested a refund (if the value is less) in the same transfer document. The repayment of this difference will be made after the event at a discount of 40% (forty percent) of the value on the administrative fee.


The Local Secretariat will run from May 20th to May 24, 2019 at the Windsor Barra Convention Center for the check in of the pre-registered attendees, new registrations and general information.


Av. Treze de Maio, 13 / 1201 - Centro
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil - CEP 20031-007
Phone/Fax: 55 21 2215-4476


Participants are strongly advised to secure appropriate travel and health insurance. Delegate registration fees do not provide any such insurance coverage. The Organizing Committee and the Conference Office accept no responsibility for any loss in this regard.


By registering, participants acknowledge and consent that during their attendance at ICOMS 2019 their image or voice may be recorded via video, photograph or by any other means ("recorded") by an officer or official of ICOMS 2019 which may be distributed or published at the discretion of the Organizers of ICOMS 2019. If you do not wish to be recorded, you are required to formally advise the Conference Office in advance by email.


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